Signed- Signed

ACT – Active

Released – Released

RTR – Refuse to Report

TSUSP – Team Suspension

LSUSP – League Suspension

OLEX – Signed with either AAF, CFL, NFL (Exemption)

Traded – Traded

Short Term Injured Reserved – STIR



Oct. 4: Signed – Manny Asprilla   DB   Boston College

Oct. 6: Signed – Mitchell Bell   OL   Louisiana Tech

Oct. 7: Signed – Sean Brackett   QB   Columbia University

Oct. 8: Signed – JD Griggs   DL   University of Iowa/ University of Akron

Oct. 13: Signed- Ruben Carter   OL   Florida State University/ University of Toledo

Oct. 17: Signed – Kiante Northington   DB   Eastern Kentucky University

Oct. 23: Signed – RJ Roberts   LB/DL   Troy University

Oct. 25: Signed – Thomas Claiborne   OL   Boston College

Oct. 25: Signed – Devonn Brown   WR   Fresno State/ Lamar University

Oct. 31: Signed – Jabari Gorman   DB   University of Florida

Oct. 31: Signed – Brandon Washington   OL   University of Miami


Nov. 8: Signed – Du’Vonta Lampkin   DL University of Oklahoma

Nov. 13: Signed – Charles Walker   DL   University of Oklahoma

Nov. 15: Signed – Quayvon Hicks   FB   University of Georgia


Dec. 1: Signed – Reggie Wilkerson   DB   Iowa State University

Dec. 13: Signed – Mardy Gilyard   WR   University of Cincinatti

Dec. 13: Signed- Jhajuan Seales   WR   Oklahoma State University

Dec. 21: Signed – Lavon Pearson   WR   University of Tennessee

Dec. 21: Signed – Lubern Figaro   DB   University of Wisconsin



Jan. 3: Signed – Kenny Lacy   OL   University of California, Los Angeles

Jan. 3: Signed – David Luafatasaga   LB   University of Utah

Jan. 9: Signed – Cornelius Lewis   OL   FSU/ Tennessee State University

Jan. 10: Signed – Tavares Martin Jr.   WR   Washington State University


Feb. 11: Signed- Tyler Rausa   K   Boise State University

Feb. 12: Signed – Al Louis-Jean   DB   Boston College

Feb. 13: Signed – Dajaun Drennon   DL   UNC-Chapel Hill

Feb. 15: Signed – Chucky Williams   DB   University of Louisville

Feb. 20: Signed – Tavarus Dantzler   LB   Bethune-Cookman University

Feb. 20: Signed – Khaliel Rodgers   OL   USC/UNC-Chapel Hill

Feb. 27: Signed – Thomas Owens   WR   Florida International University


Mar. 5: Signed – Shawn Loiseau   LB   Merrimack College

Mar. 9: LSUSP – Charles Walker   DL   University of Oklahoma

Mar. 18: Signed – Joshua Augusta   DL   University of Missouri

Mar. 18: Signed – Jason Matovu   DB   University of Maine

Mar. 22: Signed – Alejandro Bennifield   QB   University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Mar. 24: RTR – Manny Asprilla   DB   Boston College

Mar. 24: RTR – Jhajuan Seales   WR   Oklahoma State University

Mar. 24: Released – Khaliel Rodgers   OL   USC/ UNC-Chapel Hill

Mar. 24: RTR – Ruben Carter   OL   Florida State University/ University of Toledo

Mar. 24: RTR- Jabari Gorman   DB   University of Florida

Mar. 24: RTR –  Kiante Northington   DB   Eastern Kentucky University

Mar. 24: RTR – RJ Roberts   LB/DL   Troy University


Apr. 1: Signed – Lawrence Austin   DB   Georgia Tech

Apr. 6: Traded – Reggie Wilkerson   WR   Iowas State to Columbus for Future Considerations

Apr. 10: STIR – Dajaun Drennon   DL    North Carolina 

Apr. 10: STIR – Thomas Clairorne   OL   Boston College

Apr. 10:  TSUSP – Cornelius Lewis   OL   Tennessee State

Apr. 11: STIR – Tavares Martin Jr.   WR   Washington State

Apr. 11: Signed – Brandon Hodges   OL   Pittsburgh

Apr. 11: Signed – Lourde-Quincy Vasser   DL   Texas

Apr. 16  Released – Lourde-Quincy Vasser   DL   Texas

Apr. 22  LTIR –  Demetruce McNeal   DB   Auburn 

Apr. 22   STIR – Brandon Hodges   OL   Pittsburgh

Apr. 22   STIR – Devonn Brown   WR   Lamar

Apr. 22   STIR – Du’Vonta Lampkin   DL   Oklahoma

Apr. 22  LSUSP – Mitchell Bell   OL   Louisiana St. 

Apr. 23  LTIR  – Du’Vonta Lampkin   DL   Oklahoma

Apr. 23  LTIR – Tavares Martin Jr.    WR  Washington St.

Apr. 23  Released – Jason Matovu   DB   University of Maine

Apr. 23 ACT –  Dajaun Drennon   DL    North Carolina 

Apr. 23  Signed Jakobi Smith   OL   Florida Atlantic

Apr.  23  Signed Lashard Durr   DB   Mississippi St.

Apr. 23    Signed Ishmael Zamora   WR   Baylor


May   1   Activated Mitchell Bell   OL  Louisiana Tech 

May   1   LSUSP   Jakobi Smith   OL   Florida Atlantic

May 2     Activated  Demetruce McNeal DB  Auburn 

May 2    STIR  Al Louis-Jean  DB  Boston College    

May 7   Released Lubern Figaro   DB   Wisconsin

May 7   Signed Toby Johnson   DL   Georgia

May 8   STIR Thomas Owens   WR  Florida International  
May 8   STIR Lavon Pearson   WR   Tennessee 
May 8   Activated Devonn Brown   WR   Lamar from STIR 
May 8  Activated Brandon Hodges   OL   Pittsburgh from STIR
May 14 Signed free agent Dexter McCluster   WR   Mississippi

May 15 Traded Lavon Pearson   WR   Tennessee to Carolina for future considerations

May 15 Traded Brandon Hodges   OL   Pittsburgh to Jacksonville for future considerations

May 16 Signed Tre’ Jackson   OL   Florida State

May 16 LSUSP – Mitchell Bell   OL   Louisiana St.

May 17 Released  Ishmael Zamora   WR   Baylor

May 20 STIR – Lashard Durr   DB   Mississippi State

May 20 Activated – Al Louis-Jean   DB  Boston College from STIR

May 21  TSUSP – Tyler Rausa   K   Boise State 

May 22  Activated – Tavares Martin Jr. WR   Washington State from LTIR

May 22  Activated – Thomas Owens WR   Florida International from STIR

May 23  Released – Kenny Lacy  OL   UCLA

May 23  TSUSP – Shawn Loiseau   LB   Merrimack

May 23  Signed – Khalid Wooten   DB   Nevada

May 25  Signed – Mike Weaver   K   Wake Forrest

May 25   Activated – RJ Roberts  DL   Troy University from RTR

May 28   LSUSP – RJ Roberts   DL   Troy University


June 6   Activated – Mitchell Bell   OL   Louisiana St. from LSUSP

June 9  STIR – Joshua Augusta   OL   Missouri

June 9  Activated – Du’Vonta Lampkin   DL   Oklahoma from Long Term Injured Reserve

June 9  Released – Lashard Durr   DB  Mississippi State

June 9  Activated – Shawn Loiseau   LB   Merrimack from Team Suspension

June 20  TSUSP – Tavares Martin Jr.  WR  Washington State

June 27  Signed – Dequinton Osborne   DL   Oklahoma State

June 28  Retired – Tyler Rausa   K   Boise State


July 2  Released Joshua Augusta – DL   Missouri

July 2  STIR – Dexter McCluster – WR   Mississippi

July 2  STIR – Tavarus Dantzler – LB   Bethune Cookman

July 3  Activated Tavares Martin Jr. – WR   Washington State from TSUSP

July 9  Demetruce McNeal – DB Auburn   TSUSP

July 9  Du’Vonta Lampkin – DL   Oklahoma   TSUSP

July 11  Re-signed and Activated Lasahrd Durr – DB  Mississippi State

July 16  Activated Dexter McCluster – WR   Mississippi from STIR

July 16  Activated Tavarus Dantzler – DL/LB Bethune Cookman from STIR

July 16  Signed and Activated free agent DL Willie Yarbary – Wake Forrest

July 23  STIR – Tavares Martin Jr.  WR  Washington State

July 25 Signed and Activated free agent WR Rannell Hall – University of Central Florida


August 4 LSUSP – Kavika Luafatasaga – LB  Utah

August 8 LTIR – Mardy Gilyard – WR   Cincinnati


October 28 Signed – Toby Johnson – DL   Georgia

October 29 Signed – Alejandro Bennifield – QB   Tennessee – Chattanooga

October 29 Signed – Mitchell Bell – FB   Louisiana Tech

October 31 Signed – Khalid Wooten  DB   Nevada

October 31 Signed – Reggie Gray Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator   Western Illinois

October 31 Signed – Kendall Calhoun  OL   University of Cincinnati

October 31 Signed – JD Griggs DL   University of Akron


November 6  Signed – Thomas Owens WR   Florida International

November 6 Signed – RJ Roberts  DE   Troy University

November 6 Signed – Lamar Jordan WR   New Mexico

November 8 Signed – Khaseem Greene LB   Rutgers

November 9 Named Patrick Pass Head Coach   Georgia

November 13 Signed – Chucky Williams DB   Louisville

November 14 Signed – Darren Carrington II WR   Utah

November 15 Signed – Willie Yarbary  DL   Wake Forrest

November 20 Signed – Al Louis-Jean  DB   Boston College

November 20 Signed – Kavika Luafatasaga  LB  Utah

November 26 Signed – Tim Shelley as Defensive Coordinator   Fort Valley State


December 3 Signed – Cheatham Norrils   DB Toledo

December 3 Signed – Xzavier Dickson   LB  Alabama

December 3 Signed – Kiante Northington   DB Eastern Kentucky

December 3 Signed – Adrian Middleton    DL  Kentucky

December 3 Signed – Delane Hart-Johnson   WR New Mexico

December 4 Signed – John Diarse   WR  LSU/TCU

December 9 Signed – Wilson Bell   OL  Florida State/Auburn

December 11 Released – Cheatham Norrils   DB  Toledo 

December 14  Signed – Chasz Wright   OL   Penn State

December 14  Signed – Youhanna Ghaifan   DL  Wyoming

December 23   Re-signed – Cheatham Norrils   DB   Toledo

December 23  Signed – Sean Brackett   QB   Columbia

December 23  Signed – Tevin Homer   DB   Florida International



January 7   Signed – Toriano Roundtree OL  Louisville/Colorado State

January 7   Signed – Jakobi Smith   OL  FAU

January 8   Signed – Dominick Sanders  WR/DB Georgia

January 10  Dominick Sanders – WR/DB  Georgia  LSUSP

January 10   Kavika Luafatasaga – LB   Utah   LSUSP

January 12 Signed Rob Orell as Offensive Line Coach

January 12 Signed Gerald Snay as Special Teams Coordinator/Linebackers and Defensive Line Coach

January 14   Released – John Diarse  WR  LSU/TCU

January 16  OLEX – (BC Lions- CFL) Chucky Williams   DB  Louisville

January 23 Signed – Lawrence Austin  DB  Georgia Tech

January 23 Signed – Nick Haag  LB  Assumption

January 30 Signed – Ron’Quavion Carter  WR  Utah State

January 31 Signed – James Quick  WR  Louisville


February 8 Re-signed John Diarse  WR   LSU/TCU 

February 14 Signed Billy Savary  as Coaching Assistant

February 14 Signed Kenny Melanson as Scout Team Coordinator

February 14 Signed Dominick Spaulding Strength and Conditioning Coach

February 17 OLEX  Darren Carrington  WR Oregon/Utah (Team 9 – XFL )

February 17 Signed Tre’ Jackson   OL  Florida State

February 23 Signed Craig Peterson   K  SUNY Cortland

February 27 Re-signed Darren Carrington  WR  Oregon/Utah 

February 29  Signed Antwane Grant   WR   Western Kentucky


March 14  Released Sean Brackett    QB   Columbia

March 16 Activated Toby Johnson   DL  Georgia from OLEX

March 18 OLEX Toby Johnson DL  Georgia (to NY Guardians – XFL)
March 19 Released Adrian Middleton   DL   Kentucky
March 19 Released Toriano Roundtree   OL  Colorado State/Louisville
March 25  Released James Quick   WR   Louisville
March 31  Signed Rayshaun Kizer as Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach
April 27  Released Lamar Jordan   WR   New Mexico




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