By Sam Gordon

Offensive line coach Rob Orell is excited to get the opportunity to not only be coaching on a professional team, but have it be in front of his hometown.

“I’m a Worcester kid,” Orell told “To be able to coach in this city and come back to the place that made me and coach in front of my friends and family is really exciting.”

The Pirates brought in a pair of offensive lineman in T.J. Roundtree and Jakobi Smith that have the Nichols coach ecstatic to get going.

“I think Jawad (Yatim) is doing well bringing in great talent,” Orell said. “I think we have a great team, great chemistry, I think we got it.”

The Pirates appear to be making an impact in the community and Orell is happy to get on board the ship.

“You walk around Worcester, you see the Pirates logo everywhere,” Orell said. “There’s a lot of buzz around them and it’s amazing to be a part of it.

Pirates president Jawad Yatim was happy with the first impression Orell gave last season.

“Rob was with us at the end of last year,” Yatim said. “He did a great job for us and we are very excited to have him back.”