By Sam Gordon

New Massachusetts Pirates offensive coordinator and former wide receiver Reggie Gray comes in with experience on arena’s biggest stages.

Gray, a two-time ArenaBowl champion, is excited for his debut as an offensive coordinator.

“I was a Division III wide receivers coach so this is my first offensive coordinator job,” Gray told “I’m embracing the challenge.”

Gray, who is also a former First-Team All-Arena player and Wide Receiver of the Year, loves the ability to put all of his on-field wisdom to the test.

“I know the arena game like the back of my hand,” Gray said. “So it’s more of a challenge translating what I know onto the coaching side of things and helping these guys grown and become better players in the arena game.”

The Pirates have a plethora of rookie wide receivers hitting the field come training camp. With the new blood, comes the responsibility for Gray to acclimate the pass catchers to a whole new gridiron game.

“[For the new guys], it’s not about being fast, slow, or quick or tall because the shortest and tallest receivers can get open,” Gray said. “As long as you know the in and outs, things will come easier to you. For the most part, it’s about getting the guys to know the angles.”

Gray threw out some advice to the incoming rookies that he will be working with that he gave to younger wideouts in his playing days.

“Throw everything you learned about outdoor football in terms of routes out the window,” Gray said. “There are not many routes in arena that are equivalent to outdoor football.  There have been outdoor receivers that come into the arena with outdoor mentality and cannot get open. So if they come in with an open mind of learning how to walk before they run when it comes to the arena game, they will be fine.”