By Sam Gordon

The Massachusetts Pirates have brought a familiar face back into the fold.

Linebacker Nick Haag will be donning a teal uniform for the first time since the Pirates’ freshman season.

General manager Jawad Yatim is happy to have the Massachusetts native back on his roster after a year away in Carolina.

“It’s nice to have Nick back on board,” Yatim said. “He’s a very hardworking guy, very passionate about the game, he’s a leader on and off the field. Looking forward to training camp in March to see what our guys can do.”

The Assumption College alum after some time with Spokane, had NFL stints with the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts before going back to arena football.

Haag was Second-Team All-NAL in his first year with the Pirates and is excited to be back home and play where his heart is.

“Anytime you get to play at home, it is a dream come true,” Haag said.

A linebacking group that has a plethora of high-level experience, Haag says the combined NFL experience between his teammates and himself makes communication a whole lot easier.

“When you get a lot of guys from the top level together, it just makes all the difference in the world,” Haag said. “Learning different styles and the different angles and playing against different types of players. That’s the key to being at it professionally for seven years. You get in tune to things you never thought of before.”