Christie comes to our organization from Houston, Texas with a background in both classical dance training and dance/drill team experience. Currently also the Head Coach of the nationally-ranked Worcester State University Dance Team, she enjoys bringing energy, passion, and crowd engagement to the game. With almost two decades of experience in teaching and coaching, Christie enjoys watching the team perform, practice, learn, and grow together both on and off the field.

She has trained dancers who were a part of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and Houston Texan Cheerleader organizations as well as dozens of college dance and cheerleading teams nationwide including the University of Florida and UNLV. She also is a Faculty member of the nationally regarded Elite Academy of Dance based in Shrewsbury. She is a member of the National Dance Coaches Association and enjoys learning and growing as a coach to better help those she teaches and mentors. Christie is excited to be a part of the Pirates organization and bring that Worcester pride to the cheerleaders this season!


Has it been your dream to be a cheerleader/dancer for a professional sports team? Now is your chance! The Massachusetts Pirates are opening up VIRTUAL auditions for the 2021 Cheer Squad. To audition, please submit the quick application below, including your resume, headshot and 1-minute dance video. Your application may also be sent to directly. We look forward to reviewing your auditions, good luck! 

Perks of the Job:
  • Paid Contract
  • Sponsorship Benefits
  • Television Exposure



*Details provided below*

- What are the requirements for auditioning?

  • Must be 18 years old by the date of tryouts.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED.

- What to wear?

  • Two-piece dance attire – bra top/crop top/sports bra and dance shorts/boy shorts. No swim style briefs, biker shorts, or leotards. Flesh toned tights are recommended. No pants, sweats, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. Stand out and show your personality! Tryout attire examples can be seen here: LINK
  • Any dance shoes are acceptable, but we recommend sneakers.
  • Field ready hair and makeup meaning hair fully down and styled and performance makeup. Your appearance should be less of a “dance practice” look and more of a glam field appearance look for tryouts.

- Is there an age limit or height/weight requirement?

  • There is no age limit (must be 18 years old by the time of tryouts), and no height requirement. Cheerleaders must look healthy and well-proportioned in their uniforms and appearance attire.

- What am I being judged on specifically in order to make the team?

  • Dance technique, energy, enthusiasm, crowd engagement/spirit, professional appearance, personality, poise, and style. Take the time to do your research and prepare for tryouts. Details matter and are judged and noted. The office and coaching staff will not answer questions to help coach you through the tryout process so please take time to know how to properly audition for a professional cheerleading team.

- What exactly should my hair & makeup be for tryouts?

  • We want you to feel confident! For makeup specifically, think glam, think neutral shades (not glittery/shimmery), not heavy/abrasive contouring/highlighting, and neutral colors for lips and cheeks. False lashes are recommended but make sure you don’t have ones that are too large/long/excessive which can drag your eyes down and make your facial features get lost.

- Is this a full-time job?

  • No! Most of our cheerleaders work full time or part-time or are full-time students at universities in Massachusetts. Some are even moms! Practices are mandatory and are 1-2 times a week and all home games are mandatory performances. You also have events, personal appearances, media, sponsorship photoshoots, and more as needed February – December outside of home games. There is a pre-season training boot camp as well that is mandatory in February. The season runs March-August for games.

- Are their specific dance moves I have to be able to do in order to make the team?

  • Specifically, no, but there are a few that are recommended! Here is a list of things we encourage you to be able to perform at tryouts:
    • Right and left splits
    • Right double pirouette turn
    • Variety of jumps/leaps
    • Pick up choreography with strong, clean, and powerful energy and movement clarity

- Can I have piercings and/or tattoos?

  • Tattoos must be covered with makeup at all times if visible when in Pirates Cheerleader attire. No exceptions. No tape/bandages may be used to cover tattoos, makeup only.
  • Piercings in ears (up to double piercings) are acceptable. No facial piercings or belly button piercings when in Pirates Cheerleader attire. No exceptions.