There is a reason why Massachusetts Pirates fans were excited about the team’s new head coach.

Patrick Pass is a former New England Patriot who played and won three Super Bowls with one of the game’s best quarterbacks. But most importantly, Pass learned from one of the greatest football minds in coach Bill Belichick. Teachings that he will try to enforce now that he has a team of his own.

“Bill always expected 110 percent out of the guys that he coached,” Pass told “He was very, very good with the guys that were coachable. If the player was coachable, he stuck around for a very long time but if he wasn’t, then your career was short with him.”

The only players that Pass wants on his team, are the ones that just want to go out on the field and get the job done.

“I’m just looking for guys who want to play,” Pass said. “Guys who want to go out there and learn more than just the x’s and o’s about football. We all know that you can play football because we gave these guys the opportunity to play for the Massachusetts Pirates. But, I’m also looking for the good character guys that are gonna wear the uniform on the field and wear that same mentality off the field when they represent the organization.”

The former Patriot wants his players to know that he is also learning as he goes along.

“I’m definitely going to be leaning on guys like [defensive coordinator] Tim Shelley and [offensive coordinator] Reggie Gray because this is my first head coaching experience in arena football and it’s a little bit different,” Pass said. “I don’t think it should be that big of an adjustment and I’m going to go out there and do the best I can.”

Even though there is bound to be intimidation when all of the players and Pass sit in a room for meetings, he does not want his team to see him as the guy who put on the red, white and blue, but as a mentor.

“It’s gonna be fun, we’re gonna have a fun time, a fun season,” Pass said. “I just want these guys to be relaxed and not look at me as a three-time Super Bowl champion, but look at me as a guys who’s gonna help them achieve their goals and dreams. Sometimes it can get a little intimidating when they are in the locker room with me, but I want them to ask the questions and I want them to get all the knowledge they can from me so they can get to the next level faster.”

Some of these questions revolve around playing with six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady. Which he never gets tired of answering.

“They [always] do want to know how Bill was as a coach and how Tom was a player,” Pass said with a laugh. “I don’t mind sharing those stories with the guys. Whatever I can do to try and get these guys up to the next level. If I need to tell them a story each and every week to get them hyped and to get them to understand what they need to do for game, I will do it. I’m never one of those kinds of people to shoot people’s dreams down. Because I was on that field for seven years and the [Patriots] organization gave me the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of mine, so whatever I can do to help someone fulfill their dreams, I’m gonna do it.”

Pass did not shy away from praising quarterback Sean Brackett and comparing him to Brady in terms of the examples they set for their peers.

“They’re both leaders,” Pass said. “It just so happens, all the quarterbacks whether it’s high school, college, NFL, arena, Canadian, all the quarterbacks need to be face of their franchise. All the players look up to the quarterback and he has that leadership mentality where he’s been around awhile and he knows what he needs to do to get the job done. People listen to him when he speaks, and I want to bring a little bit out of Sean this year because I think he’s more focused now this year than he would have been the last couple of years.”