Like the players, the Massachusetts Pirates have coaches from all walks of life ready to contribute.

Scout team coordinator Kenny Melanson is one of these new faces excited not only to be coaching in the NAL, but to work with former New England Patriot Patrick Pass.

“[I’m excited about] the organization as a whole, from Jawad all the way through the front office,” Melanson said. “Also working with a three-time Super Bowl champion in Patrick Pass, an offensive coordinator who has a lot of experience in arena in Reggie Gray, Tim Shelley coming back for his second year as defensive coordinator, and coach Snay coming in with another 25 years of experience. The opportunity to learn from these guys, is very exciting.”

As the scout team coordinator, Melanson adds an extra layer to the staff that the team did not have in its first two seasons.

“I am going to be working [directly] with the offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special teams coordinator in regards to the looks that they want on all downs, situational football,” Melanson said. “I’m just looking to help the team get to the next level and hopefully get that championship we’ve been looking for.”

Strength and conditioning coach Dominick Spaulding, was given his opportunity after things did not go his way at a tryout.

“Jawad and I had spoke months after me breaking my foot at their tryout during a drill segment, and he really wanted me to come out and play for the team, but things didn’t go as planned,” Spaulding said. “He then reached out to me later on and stated he wanted me to come on board and be the strength coach.”

It came however, with a bit of a learning curve.

“In all honesty, I had no idea what i was doing [at first],” Spaulding said. “At the time, I was doing a lot of training with different athletes but to be a strength coach? That wasn’t even a thought. So when he presented the idea, I was nervous. But, I studied hard and learned from a lot of different people and coaches to try and put my guys in the best position to win. It clicked immediately since the day I’ve been there, it’s been nothing but a professional scene.”

Spaulding is so excited to work with athletes whom he had watched on television growing up.

“It’s a true blessing to be able to work with a lot of athletes like Mardy Gilyard who I use to watch on T.V. and now I have the opportunity to train them,” Spaulding said. “Just the opportunity of giving back knowledge that I’ve learned from some of the greats and also being able to help guys go to the next level is a big thing for me. The Pirates organization has been nothing but great to me since day one, we came up short last year but be on the lookout for the team, because this will be the year we take it all.”