By Sam Gordon

A Massachusetts native, cornerback Al Louis-Jean is excited to get back to doing what he loves to do. Especially at home.

“My first year of arena football just confirmed my love for the game,” Louis-Jean told “I had a lot of fun playing last year and it was even better because it was at home. I play pop warner, high school, college, and now professional [in Massachusetts] so it just felt good for my family to get the opportunity to come to the games. So it was all a big plus.”

Louis-Jean is no longer a new kid on the block when it comes to arena football. With Tevin Homer and Dominick Sanders coming to play arena football for the first time, the former Chicago Bear is looking forward to being a leader.

“Just leading by example and being an open door for any questions that they have or somebody to come take them under the wing,” Louis-Jean said. “That is a thing I’m looking to do this year, is lead by example and with this being my second year, I’m definitely more comfortable [in doing that].”

Even with new faces coming in, there are still familiar faces returning in Khalid Wooten and Lawrence Austin. Louis-Jean feels the prolonged chemistry between the members will help elevate success.

“We can definitely put a block on top of last year because that’s a whole season of being together,” Louis-Jean said. “Our chemistry isn’t starting from scratch like it was last year so you can expect [us] to make a lot of plays.”

Louis-Jean is most excited not by the playing, but traveling and beating opponents on their own turf.

“[My favorite part is] going on the road with the guys, rounding up the bags and getting ready to go against essentially a whole city,” Louis-Jean said. “A team who has a city screaming for them, referees that are probably there for them, so that’s one of the fun things is going on the road. As much as I love playing at home, there’s just nothing better than packing your bags and going on the road to take over someone’s territory.”