Behind the Scenes: Adrian “Lobo” – Director of Marketing & Community Outreach

Reed Becker
Pirates Writer
September 3, 2021

WORCESTER, MA – In this new edition, showcasing behind-the-scenes staff for the Pirates, allow me to introduce Pirates fans to the Director of Marketing and Community Outreach, Adrian Figueroa. I had the chance to talk to Adrian, to get to know more about him and what his responsibilities are with the Pirates.

RB: How long have you been with the Pirates?
AF: I started with the Pirates in February of 2020, so we are looking at almost two years now.

RB: What did you do before joining the Pirates?
AF: Before the Pirates, I was heavily involved in sales because that was my passion. I always enjoyed the industry, as it rewards those who know how to sell, as quotas tend to make or break people. I’ve worked in the telecommunications and real estate fields. I was also the Chief Talent Officer for a prominent real estate company in Southern Florida. I joined the Pirates because I wanted to break away from sales, and change things up as the sports industry has the perfect mix of everything that is required from sales and more. I have also owned and operated my own graphic design/ marketing firm since 2008.

RB: What are your responsibilities with the Pirates?
AF: On a day-to-day basis, a lot of my day revolves around our social media presence due to the very aggressive social media marketing plan we have in place. I also engage with different companies and brands across the state, in order to either partner or promote the Pirates with them and grow the brand. The biggest obstacle I have in my department, is getting as many people as possible in the state to know who we are. Every day when I walk in, I am proud to say that my competition is the Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots organizations. It takes a lot to be able to walk side-by-side with those giants in the sports industry. I must reach out to different brands and companies, partners, and community partners across the state and see how we can grow the brand so more people know who we are. However, I am a firm believer that once the team wins its first championship, which this season is looking good, I think that will make my job a lot easier. We also have a strong connection to our community, and look for any and every opportunity to partner with community organizations to help build our neighborhoods across Massachusetts. As a “grassroot” organization, it feels good to give back to Massachusetts, as almost everything of ours is connected back to the state in some way, shape or form.

RB: Do you think the fanbase has expanded or not yet?
AF: I absolutely believe it has. I would like to give credit to our ticketing department, because considering this is technically our third year in operation, and our fourth year in existence, it is really only our third year in operation because of COVID. They have done a tremendous job coming off a 2020 offseason where a high percentage of fans brought their tickets over to 2021, when presented with the option of a refund or moving it to this year. With that said, we still must make sure to have as many events as possible this season and continue our aggressive marketing plan. While we have done a good job, there is always room for improvement. We want to continue to keep growing, because our rival (when it comes to fan bases and ticket sales) is the Arizona Rattlers who have been around for 13-16 years and have had a decade of building their fanbase. I think we have grown, and our fanbase has become more loyal. If we continue going down this path, I see us easily rivaling not only the tenure of the Rattlers, but also their fanbase! People don’t want to travel to us, when we have an arena full of screaming Pirates!

RB: What is considered a “good” day at work and a “bad” day at work?
AF: A “bad” day for me at work, is when I leave feeling like something has not “grown” for the Pirates. What I mean, is that something hasn’t improved our brand or product that day. If we aren’t always improving, we aren’t doing our jobs. A “good” day at work, is if I can make a new connection, network or partnership that helps build the brand. I am a firm believer in networking, so anytime I can meet someone new and pick their brain, it’s a win for me.

RB: How do you think the team will do in the playoffs?
AF: If this season has been a good sample of what we can expect, I feel like we can go all the way! The way the team is looking at it right now, we are looking at a 1-0 record, and looking for those last 2 wins, in order to heist the United Bowl trophy. Honestly, with all the adversity we as a team have faced and overcome, not to mention the players themselves, the sky is the limit for this team. Truly!

We thank Adrian for his time and be sure to reach out to him if you are interested in partnering with the Pirates.

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