Pirates In Massachusetts

By: Kirstin Trouville
Pirates Writer
March 17, 2021

If you lived in Massachusetts between the late 1600s and early 1700s, then you most likely knew a pirate. This time in history is defined as the “Golden Age of Piracy” and led to great amounts of treasure discovered on the Atlantic coastline. The New England colonies were a home base for pirates, where they received supplies to repair ships and were given a support system. You may wonder why colonies welcomed pirates to their homes, because who would want to befriend reckless thieves? However, many of the colonies were poor and pirates happened to be fellow colonists returning with valuable treasure for them, therefore arms were always wide open.

One of New England’s most famous pirates, Captain Sam Bellamy, was known for capturing the Whydah ship in 1717 (see the map to the right, near Eastham). It was filled with gold and silver and became a major jackpot.

Unfortunately, that same year, Bellamy was off the coast of Cape Cod when his ship was smashed from a storm, causing it to sink and take his life and the lives of his crew. For the next 260 years, Bellamy’s treasure was lost. But in 1984, researchers discovered the treasure about 1,500 feet off the coast of Wellfleet on Cape Cod. This historical event now has its very own museum, called the “Whydah Pirate Museum”, located in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, where you can learn about the history and artifacts of that day.

Captain Sam Bellamy and his crew were called ‘Robin Hood’s Men’

The topic of pirates in New England has become popular because it holds historical significance. Connecting with the history of your area is distinguishable, which is a key reason why the Massachusetts Pirates chose ‘Pirates’ as their team name. Choosing ‘Pirates’ was a different take since most Massachusetts professional sports teams tend to look towards more recognizable historical events, such as the Revolutionary War and colonial times. Pirates are fun and creative, which makes the Massachusetts Pirates stand out and still keep a connection to significant Massachusetts history.

The Massachusetts Pirates are members of the Indoor Football League (IFL). The Pirates play all home games at the DCU Center located at 50 Foster St. Worcester, MA. 01608. For more information on the Massachusetts Pirates please call (508) 452-MASS (6277), email contact@masspiratesfootball.com or visit http://www.masspiratesfootball.com. Single-game tickets will be available soon at ticketmaster.com or the DCU Center Box Office. For season, half-season, luxury, or group ticket packages please call 508-452-MASS (6277). Follow the Pirates on Facebook via Facebook.com/MAPirates, Instagram @mass.pirates, and Twitter @mass_pirates. #GetHooked #AllAboard