Pirates Profile: Santos Ramirez

By: Kirstin Trouville
Pirates Writer
March 2, 2021

This upcoming season will see the first of Massachusetts Pirates newcomer Santos Ramirez. Joining the Pirates is the newest addition to his resume of accomplishments, including the NFL and XFL. He has been very motivated this off-season, as he owns his own clothing brand, “Humble Savage”, and has been training everyday with A+D1 in Texas. This edition of ‘Pirates Profile’ will showcase the course that his life has taken both on and off the field to this point.

Ramirez grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana where he started off playing basketball, but found his way to football at nine years old. His uncle became a big influence in the sport as a mentor and also provided a blueprint for the game early on. Football was natural for Ramirez, which led to his dream of becoming a professional player. Ramirez came to this realization in high school.

“I really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity,” Ramirez told masspiratesfootball.com. “It made me lock in my focus on my dream of becoming a professional football player. High school is where my career started to take off.”

Everyone who grew up playing football in Louisiana dreamed of going to LSU, including Ramirez. In fact, he received a scholarship from LSU coming out of high school and debated going to play for them. However, he found the University of Arkansas to be a better match. They showed the most interest in Ramirez and gave him the opportunity to play cornerback for the team.

During his junior and senior years at Arkansas, he was awarded team captain and moved to the safety position on defense. He even got to play against LSU and beat them, which was a great feeling since those games were always very important to him. Being a Razorback was a great experience with memories that resembled movie scenes, such as fans storming the field.

When looking back on his college days, Ramirez remembered his coaches making sure to challenge everyone and prepare them for not only college, but the possibility of going pro. Ramirez would wake up at five-thirty every morning to get on the field and workout in the weight room. It was a 24/7 process.

Ramirez (left) celebrates after his Arkansas teammate, Josh Liddell (right), intercepted a pass in a game against Alabama.

When asked about a favorite teammate who stood out to him many came to mind, however he stopped at Joshua Liddell who played safety with him at Arkansas. What Ramirez loved was the character traits that Liddell portrayed, as he was very humble and worked hard. He admired how Liddell was able to never let criticism stop him from being a leader.

“He was a great guy and I wish nothing but the best for him. If I were a coach, Josh (Liddell) would be a player I would love to have on my team.”

After graduating from Arkansas, Ramirez entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2019. He joined the New York Jets as a safety and, like most players entering the NFL, saw a huge difference at the next level.

“The pros are all about taking care of your body and making sure you are available to play. I quickly realized I needed to start focusing on the little things. Being very young in this position is difficult because you tend to take it for granted.”

After being released by the Jets in 2019, he found his way to the XFL with the Seattle Dragons in 2020 and played in all Seattle’s games before the season was shut down due to COVID-19. With the Dragons he started figuring things out as a professional athlete as he needed to find the perfect balance between life and the game. A big challenge that he faced was doubt getting the best of him. Gaining that confidence is what he needed to be great.

Off the field is where the most change has started to happen for Ramirez. This offseason, he has worked hard to get to a place where he is consistent and feels the need to take action, rather than overthink. He spends his time staying in shape with the help of A+D1 located in Carrolton, Texas. The head trainer, Rodney Harris, has had a big impact on Ramirez getting to the best shape he has ever been in. Similar to college, he is up bright and early to start preparing for a day of success. He has found a place, in A+D1, where he can balance everything out and would not be where he is now without the help of Harris.

Football plays a large role in Ramirez’s life, however he has many goals outside of the game. For one, he aspires to be of service to others. Taking action and getting things done is part of his goals, as he wants to give people something to love. He has already started this with an apparel company called “Humble Savage”, which he created in 2017. The apparel company continues to be a work in progress, but has found great success to date. Ramirez wishes to expand the company by adding fitness apparel and by creating a fitness manual to help people on their fitness journey.

Ramirez is ready to show the Pirates what he has gained and be the man they need to succeed. The main goal he has with the Pirates is to continue to be persistent and experience the same results every game. Consistency will help keep up confidence as he brings success to the team. The lessons Ramirez has learned from college, the pros, and this offseason are going to continue resonating with him and he believes they will help him be at his best with the Pirates.

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