Where Are They Now: Rannell Hall

By: Sam Gordon

When it comes to arena football, wide receiver Rannell Hall was thrown into the proverbial fire.
With the team in need of wide receiver help down the stretch, the Massachusetts Pirates turned to the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Cleveland Brown, and Atlanta Falcon.
The first thing Hall noticed about arena, was how it made him feel like a football player again.
“It just reminded me how much love I have for the game,” Hall told masspiratesfootball.com. “It goes back to my time in college because when you get to the pro’s, it’s pretty much all business. But just playing with the Mass Pirates just showed me how much love I have for football to be out there with the ability to do something I love. It just brought me back to my roots.”
His standout play in his few games with the Pirates resulted in Hall getting a chance in the XFL as a Tampa Bay Viper. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the season and the league were short lived, but Hall took a lesson out of that to not take it for granted.

“A lot of people haven’t really been in that situation at our level where football is taken away from them like that,” Hall said. “It kind of reminded us how much we love our sports so that the next time we get out onto the field, we are going to give it all that we’ve got everyday. Going into the XFL, I just told myself how much I am blessed just to play this game.”
As Hall waits for another chance to strap on the helmet, the UCF alum is keeping busy training himself and others.
“Right now I’m doing a little bit of personal training on the side because besides sports, I’ve always been into working out,” Hall said. “I’m still working out with a few friends who though they don’t play sports, they keep me company and I pretty much train them as well.”
Hall was introduced to the personal training business by a friend who is well known in Florida in that business.
“A friend of mine does personal training and I pretty much worked out at his gym everyday,” Hall said. “He just told me that I needed to look at my career after football so I should do personal training because it is something that I love. So, I just kind of picked up on that.”
When asked about whether he would like to open up a gym, Hall is just biding his time with COVID.
“Everything is just on hold because of all of this coronavirus stuff,” Hall said. “But I am definitely thinking about it for sure.”