Where Are They Now: Toby Johnson

By Sam Gordon

Defensive tackle Toby Johnson was among the large group of Massachusetts Pirates players to make the leap to the XFL.
Before the league shutdown, Johnson was excelling as a member of the New York Guardians.
“It was cool and fun to get back to outside football,” Johnson told masspiratesfootball.com. “A lot of great guys just like with the Massachusetts Pirates that were hungry to get back to the NFL. So it was a good experience, I put out some good film so it was cool.”
Though Johnson may make his way back to the Pirates someday, Johnson remembers the locker room camaraderie as the best part about being in Worcester.
“The main thing was we didn’t lose focus and we just loved each other as a family,” Johnson said. “We were all close and when you got the guy beside you fighting harder, you can trust them more and just everybody having the same goal.”

The Georgia alum has since been in Florida training to be ready for when he gets that NFL opportunity again this coming fall.
“Right now, I’m in Orlando training and getting better everyday,” Johnson said. “Just waiting on the call because I’ve been having a lot of interest lately from a couple of teams. So in the next week or two, hopefully I’ll be signed somewhere.”
Johnson feels it is part of his mission to finally give fans the distraction from problems plaguing the world by stepping on the gridiron.
“It’s very important for a guy like myself,” Johnson said. “Especially since last year was my first out of the league. So, I kind of think I’m itching for it because I have a lot of stuff to prove for the people in my corner, my fans and everybody. I appreciate the opportunities that come.”
The former Minnesota Viking is simply just looking forward to getting back on the field.
“I’m just excited man you know with the whole COVID situation and all that. Everybody’s just missing football,” Johnson said. “Everybody wants to see sports in general. I’m just excited to get back out there.”