Pirates Hire Christie McPherson as Head Coach of the Dance Team

The Massachusetts Pirates dancers will have a new leader at the helm this coming season.
The organization is proud to announce the hiring of Christie McPherson as the new head coach of the cheerleaders.
The Texas native has ample experience as both a dancer and coach. In addition to coaching at over a dozen colleges, McPherson has worked with dancers who have gone on to join the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys.
“Being a relentless learner is always important,” McPherson told masspiratesfootball.com. “Just because you achieved becoming a coach, doesn’t mean you have learned everything and can’t learn anything else. That’s when you truly kind of become obsolete and as a dancer myself, I truly love the process of learning. So even still now as a coach and coaching the last 19 years, I learn something new every single day with every single dancer that I work with. I learn and still grow.”

McPherson is looking forward to taking everything that she has learned throughout her coaching career to create a family environment with the Pirates.
“You have to trust the person next to you,” McPherson said. “There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from having a close-knit family vibe in an organization like this. That’s what building a team for any athletic level/organization is based off of is having that strong connection.”
With her experience and wisdom from working with professional teams, McPherson understands that the cheerleaders have just much responsibility building the team brand as players do.
“What I really want to bring to the Pirates’ cheerleaders is brand awareness,” McPherson said. “Anybody who sees a Dallas Cowboy cheer uniform knows what team it belongs to and I want to help the Pirates cheerleaders have that same brand awareness, pride, and acknowledgment of their talent.”
Whether there is a pandemic or not, McPherson stresses to her teams that there are no excuses to building a great product and to be prepared for the return to the field.
“I have huge plans, I have been sitting here [in my house] brainstorming kind of what our next steps are,” McPherson said. “Whether it’s virtual or not, we are going to do whatever we can to start building that team and beginning their training so we can be ready. Even with a pandemic, there’s no excuses. We’re still going to work hard and still going to be there [putting in the work] and show up to game day when it comes.”