Pirates Quarterback Alejandro Bennifield Speaks on the Importance of Education

By: Elizabeth Fay

Quarterback Alejandro Bennifield spoke with masspiratesfootball.com about his philosophy for success on and off the field, and the value of education. Bennifield joined the Pirates in 2018 after graduating from the University of Tennessee in 2017 where he majored in Criminal Justice.

With Bennifield, working on yourself mentally off the field is paramount for getting the job done on the turf.

“I just continue to work, I never stop working. I’m always learning, I’m always working out,” Bennifield said. “I’m always making sure I eat healthy to keep my body right and my mind fresh.”

Bennifields philosophy for success did not end there.

“You have to get your grades first,” Bennifield said. “Because if you can’t do work in the classroom, you won’t be able to play and it will ultimately hurt you.”

Bennifield offered words of wisdom for young athletes with aspirations of building a professional career in sports.

“Education will unlock a lot of doors for you as far as getting a job and making more money,” Bennifield said. “The more education you have, the more you know, and the more services you can provide for others. There needs to be more emphasis on education because sports won’t last forever. Having an education will give you a backup plan whenever your sports career is over. Having an education will always unlock doors for you.”

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