Pirates Season Ticket Holders Reflect on Favorite Memories From Past Seasons 

Thousands of fans were left feeling disappointed last month when the news broke that the Massachusetts Pirates will not be playing arena football in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Game days are meant to be a fun event for all walks of life to look forward to in the summer. Whether you are having a night out with friends, a family gathering, or celebrating a birthday- game night was something for all to enjoy within the community.

According to season ticket holder Janet White of Clinton, MA, Pirates games mean a lot more to her than just a fun way to spend time with loved ones. The players inspired her to overcome years of illness and several surgeries. White spoke with us about her favorite Pirates moments, and the sentimental value the team brings to her life.

“For the last game of the 2018 season, my birthday was that same day, and the team surprised me by bringing out a birthday cake for me at the game,” White said. “LaVon Pierson made an amazing touchdown and afterwards he gave me the ball so that was like the best birthday ever.”

White was just as disappointed as anybody else that the 2020 season had been done away with.

“I’m very sad. When I was so sick that first season I didn’t know if I would even be able to go to all the games,” White said. “But getting to know some of the players’ personal stories and learning a lot of what the players went through and how they overcame obstacles and trials in their lives, it really inspired me to get well and have confidence to do things I always wanted to, like write a children’s book.”

Pirates founder and president Jawad Yatim, gave White the push she needed to write and publish A Star Named Wink.

“The players and Jawad encouraged me to do it. Jawad asked me what I do for a living, and so I told him I was a purchasing agent,” White said. “He asked me if I liked it and I said no. So he asked me what I would be doing if I didn’t do that, and I told him I would be writing. So he said, ‘Well then write.’”

For Devin Miranda of Taunton, MA, Pirates games are a good time for nights out with his buddy and an opportunity to hangout with some of the players.

“Arena football is really cool, I like how it’s fast paced and you get to be close to the game,” Miranda said. “ I really enjoy the fact that you get to hangout with the team after games and go to events, and you get to meet the players and the owners. That’s something you don’t get with the NFL. It’s a totally different experience and it’s a lot more personal. I have a friend that shares seats with me and we are usually at every game.”

For Auburn resident Lance Ganong, attending games has always been an exciting way to bond with his two sons.

“The first time we went to watch the Pirates play arena football was a few years ago for their first season,” Ganong said. “We went with the Boy Scouts, both of my boys are Scouts. It was very exciting and action packed,”

One particular moment at the DCU Center has a special place in the mind of Ganong.

My favorite memory is when my son, Harrison caught a football,” Ganong said. “Those moments are the moments you remember, we were sitting two rows back in one of the end zones and the ball went right to him. He was really happy and excited about catching the ball. Pirates games are great for inexpensive family fun.”

The Pirates play all home games at the DCU Center located at 50 Foster St. Worcester, MA, 01608. For more information on the Massachusetts Pirates please call (508) 452-MASS (6277), email contact@masspiratesfootball.com or visit http://www.masspiratesfootball.com. Follow the Pirates on Facebook, at Facebook.com/MAPirates, on Instagram @mass.pirates, as well as on Twitter @mass_pirates.