Where Are They Now: Dexter McCluster

By: Sam Gordon

Though retired, former wide receiver/running back Dexter McCluster is keeping it football in his new career as a personal trainer.
“After I had initially hung up the cleats, I kinda wanted to jump into that next chapter of my life,” McCluster told masspiratesfootball.com.
McCluster when he moved back home, just started training for self-health which led to a premonition that he just might be good at it.
“I started getting DM’s asking if I trained people and thought this might be something I want to tap into,” McCluster said. “After getting a few clients, I started studying for the personal training certification.”
Once he was certified, clients flocked to McCluster Fit.

“My Clientele went from like two people to like 20 plus clients,” McCluster said. “They range all the way from ages eight to 55. I train athletes and also any person who just wants to be in shape and feel good about themselves and need that motivation.”
The Ole Miss alum has never strayed from being there to push people that need it .
“I pride myself on always being that motivator and being humble and just giving everybody 110 percent,” McCluster. “[The reason is] because I wouldn’t cheat myself so why would I cheat them.”

McCluster is setting his sights on finding a warehouse in Tennessee where he can construct a gym that can possibly become a chain of fitness centers that teach his philosophy of 110 percent.
Getting inducted into the Cotton Bowl Hall of fame soon, McCluster looks back at his time in Massachusetts fondly learning the new football format.
“I definitely enjoyed the process and I approached the game with everything I had,” McCluster said. “The indoor game is definitely a physical game and I love it. A lot of people talk about how you have to do particular things differently in arena and guys like us who played a long time outdoors have to adjust to that. So, my hat is off to those arena players.”
The 2013 Pro Bowler also said his time in teal improved his abilities off of the field as a mentor with his leadership being a driving force for the Pirates’ 2018 mid-season rebound.
“Looking back also at my time there, being apart of that process was a wonderful thing but on the flip side, I think it kind of gave me more leadership qualities,” McCluster said. “Being able to motivate and be that spark. That whole process overall was just a way for me to build myself towards being that leader that I know I am naturally.”



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