Offseason Plans: Sean Brackett

By: Sam Gordon

For Sean Brackett, his summer can be summed up with the phrase, ‘Business as usual.’

“The grind don’t stop,” Brackett told “My body feels great. Usually at this point with a football season, I’m usually beat up. But at this point, my body feels great, I’m recharged mentally, emotionally and physically so for now I’m just going to keep on working out and keep throwing a couple times a week.”

The 2018 NAL MVP is training with high expectations.

“Hopefully, I can get to the point where I can make it to an NFL Training Camp and that’s really my focus football-wise,” Brackett said. “Working on some more outdoor-type throws and mechanics as opposed to focusing on the quick game.”

Not only is Brackett training himself, but he is also giving back to the younger athletes.

“I’ve been training some quarterbacks and receivers kind of part time to pass the weeks and months,” Brackett said. “Just try to ramp that up and try to get high school kids, college kids, whoever it may be that are excited to learn and to work and to get better.”

The sports hiatus brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has given Brackett a lot of time to reflect on what life after football will be like. A perfect opportunity to turn lost time into a helpful few months for the future.

“Starting this quarterback training business, especially with all of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years and trying to give back to kids and help kids,” Brackett said. “I trained an 11-year-old the other day and just giving that knowledge, techniques and mental aspects of the game back to youth quarterbacks and college quarterbacks feels good.”

While Brackett and others didn’t get to play, the quarterback is trying to take all of the positives he can out of the situation. Like having a much healthier body going into the season.

“Like I said before, this is the best I’ve felt physically, emotionally and mentally in a long time at this point in the year because every year at this point, I’m getting beat up and working to try and get my body to 100 percent every single week,” Brackett said. “This is definitely a little bit different with not having to deal with the bumps and bruises that kind of come with the name of the game at the position. I’m 28-years-old but I feel like I’m 22-23 right now.”

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