Pirates Defensive Linemen Youhanna Ghaifan and Willie Yarbary Talk Building Chemistry During Pandemic

By Sam Gordon

Two defensive tackles have been building chemistry off the field with the pandemic barring any fieldwork

Youhanna Ghaifan and Willie Yarbary have been spending their time watching movies, talking about their college days, strengths, and weaknesses to know everything about each other to make it easier when they take the field.

“I guess we’re fortunate that some of the defensive players have stayed like Willie and I,” Ghaifan told masspiratesfootball.com. “We’ve done some workouts together so that’s kind of where our chemistry has been built because we have been hanging out and quarantined together.”

Yarbary agreed with Ghaifan with R.J. Roberts, J.D. Griggs and the two of them all getting to know each other.

“Me and [Youhanna] hang out with R.J. a lot and that’s pretty much the defensive line that’s here that have stayed during this quarantine,” Yarbary said. “That has allowed us to grow our group and strengthen it not just about football, but having conversations about the team and other things that just helped us get closer.”

Yarbary and Ghaifan have bonded also over pickup games of basketball in the spare time that they have while also watching movies. It has made the group stronger than it possibly could have with a shorter offseason.

“I haven’t played with Willie yet, but I know that I am going to trust him when we play during the season,” Ghaifan said.

Yarbary agreed.

“When we go and do some kind of football activity, we’re learning off of each other,” Yarbary said. “We’re learning our strengths and weaknesses and we’re learning how we can trust each other and how to communicate with each other. That’s a big thing because football is all about communication and how you talk.”

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