Khalid Wooten: We Need to Play to Bring People Together

By: Sam Gordon

Massachusetts Pirates defensive back Khalid Wooten knows that playing the game now is about more than just the ring. It is about helping to heal a country.

“Sports brings people together,” Wooten told “Doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is or your nationality, people your team play to the best of their ability which is pretty much a combination of different ethnicities.”

The absence of all the different sports leagues has left a craving for an outlet to unite and cheer for something they are passionate about.

“It’s a distraction because we’ve been cooped up in this quarantine for more than three months,” Wooten said. I just feel like football or even basketball coming back at the end of July which just brings the positive vibes that we need for 2020.”

Wooten pointed to the huge fan consumption and viewership of combat sports as further reason to strap on the shoulder pads.

“As you can see with boxing and UFC and things like that, it is getting views and fans are getting excited about it,” Wooten said.

Fans may not be howling from above the turf. But Wooten knows one thing for certain.

“There are fans watching,” Wooten said with a smile. “There may not be fans in the stands where you can get hyped off of with the crowd noise and home field advantage. But at the end of the day, you’ll have thousands of people watching from their homes.”

Watching from their home they would be. Not as different people, but as fans of a team cheering together.

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