Pirates Receiver Mardy Gilyard Gives Knee and Life Update

By Sam Gordon

Photo Credit: Azari Images

While the season has been delayed, wide receiver Mardy Gilyard’s knee rehab as been humming along ahead of schedule.

The First-Team All-NAL pass-catcher gave fans an update on his ACL that he injured in the playoffs last season.

“The knee is not bad, I can’t complain,” Gilyard told masspiratesfootball.com. “It’s getting stronger and this delayed time has of course helped me out a lot with the healing process with PT, route running, etc. So for me, it’s just a matter of being able to withstand 60 plays a game.”

Can he play right now? Gilyard says it is up to the boss at home.

“It would be whatever my wife wants me to do,” Gilyard said. “For me, I’m just taking everyday as a good day to consistently get the knee stronger and stronger so when it’s time for me to come back, I don’t have to crawl before I walk per se.”

The Gilyard roster also grew in size with the birth of his daughter just a short time ago. The Pirates captain is ecstatic that his daughter Amelia Marie Gilyard, was born healthy and full of life.

“I’m a girl Dad and it’s a blessing man to have your baby born with 10 fingers, 10 toes, two eyes, completely normal,” Gilyard said. “For me, as long as my daughter is healthy and the kids are good [then I’m happy]. I sacrificed so much to make sure that they’re healthy and don’t have any needs or wants for anything outside of their father then I’m good.”

Gilyard training a young football player. Photo: Penny Burns

Gilyard has further made Massachusetts his home with his training of young football players to help get them to the next level.

“Whether it’s my young kids or rookie receivers, regardless I’m going to make sure I get them caught up in the nature that they need,” Gilyard said. “I’ve never been one to be selfish, or one to not share knowledge. I never will be that guy. I’m just trying to help man, keep my footprint in the community and I love what I do.”

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