Even With Pandemic, Pirates Putting Pedal to the Metal

By: Giuseppe Cincinnato

As the season approaches, the Massachusetts Pirates are prepared to get on the field. The COVID-19 Pandemic has acted as an extended offseason for many of the players. They have taken this extra time to fine-tune their strengths and their weaknesses.
Coming off a disappointing playoff loss last year, the team looks to sail toward a championship this season.
Many championships are won in the offseason and this year, the team is determined to win the coveted
NAL Title.
Pirates defensive back Cheatham Norrils has taken advantage of the extended offseason by focusing on
his technique.
“I have still been able to work out, eat healthy…and still get a lot accomplished in this offseason,” Norrils
said. “I’ve just been making sure my feet [quickness] and technique [get better] because once you trust
your technique as a DB you are that much better.”
Veteran kicker Craig Peterson has also been working on his technique and staying healthy.
“Even though there’s a pandemic going on that doesn’t mean the work stops for me. I still workout four to
five days a week and I kick three times a week. I am fortunate enough where I can go to fields and kick still
even though I’ve been kicked off a few of them but that doesn’t stop me from going back. I’ve had more
time to hone in on being prepared by watching more films and staying healthy. Having that time off,
some people get stagnant but for me, it’s more time to make sure I’m ready for when the season does
Players have also seen their gyms close and have turned their homes into their gyms. Players like
linebacker Kavika Luafatasaga have done just that.
“I’m currently in California training on my own. There are no gyms open, so I do my workouts at home.
Not working on anything specific. Just trying to work on everything and my game as a whole,”
Luafatasaga said.
President/GM Jawad Yatim released a statement on May 26 highlighting that the season could be
coming back as early as Mid-July. One thing is for sure, the Pirates have utilized their extra time
wisely and are ready to begin their chase to a championship once the date is officially announced.

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