Size and Experience Follow Wilson Bell to Worcester

By: Sam Gordon

The Massachusetts Pirates are preparing to embark on a season full of high expectations.
The overhauled roster will include a new face on the offensive line in Wilson Bell, who was signed by the Pirates in December.
Bell played last season with the Baltimore Brigade and was an NCAA champion in his college days
at Florida State.
The Alabama native also has some NFL experience as he was a member of the Buffalo
Bills during the 2018 season.
Although 2019 will be Bell’s first season with the Pirates, he arrives in Worcester with high expectations.
“I feel like we are well prepared and have a good group of guys. Our owner is doing everything he can to
make sure we are in the right position. I am fairly hopeful that we will at least be in the championship
race.”While Bell’s Arena football league career has just begun, it is already a league he has come to love.
“My best memory so far is coming out of the tunnel and seeing all the fans and how they support Arena
football,” Bell said. “You don’t initially expect it but people really enjoy these games, and respect the league.”
Due to Bell’s time in college, he knows what it takes to win it all as he was a national champion in 2013.
At Florida State, Bell played alongside the current NFL running back Dalvin Cook and helped paved the way
for his impressive 2015 season and left an impression on Bell.
“Playing with Dalvin made playing the offensive line easy,” Bell said. “He would literally tell us just give me a little
bit. He would follow his hole and just make everyone on the team look good.”
As the Pirates attempt to try to bring a championship to Worcester, Bell’s experience at Florida State and
playing with Cook will be key.
“I think some people weren’t as bought in as they should’ve been last season. Now I feel like we have
created a new culture and guys are doing a lot more off the field to get better. I feel like people are
going to see a different team.”