Versatile Coach Jerry Snay Looking Forward to Second Crack at Arena Football

Jerry Snay observing players on the broad jump during the 2020 Pirates’ Combine.

By: Sam Gordon

Ironically, the first meeting between Massachusetts Pirates president Jawad Yatim and Jerry Snay involved another arena football team in Massachusetts.

“We were introduced formally when I was the offensive coordinator for the New England Surge,” Snay told “I had also met his family down in the pop warner ranks because I coached my son and I happened to have one of Jawad’s cousins playing on our team. So I ran into all the different members of the family in Jawad, Hassan, his uncles who are just great people and very involved.”

As Yatim got older, the now Pirates president got more involved with the Surge’s players practicing with them as an extra quarterback.

“He just started tossing the ball around with us, doing pat and go’s and trained with our players,” Snay said. “It blossomed into, ‘Hey the kid’s around, he’s got a great arm’ and the players kind of welcomed him with open arms. So whenever he was around, he came in and would start being like a scout team quarterback for us and he was very talented. It was just a chance meeting.”

In the team’s junior season, Snay is excited to take charge of the special teams, linebackers and defensive line.

“We got a veteran roster coming in, we got a lot of talent and we have solidified a coaching staff that has the right attitude and demeanor towards professionalism and the game,” Snay said. “We’re also adding more of the local connections to the area because I have experience in this game. My time with New England Surge, although it didn’t end on a positive note because of the finances, the product that we put on the field and the player management was the quality that we wanted.”

Simply put, coaching is in the blood of the 52-year-old. Snay has coached collegiate and high school for 10 years on each level. As if football was not enough, Snay also coaches the Special Olympics unified track team, has dabbled in coaching basketball and is also a special education teacher at Worcester Technical High School.

“My house is full of educators,” Snay said. “Myself, I have been in the school system for 23 years specializing in mathematics. My wife has been a Worcester Public Schools teacher for 21 years as well. My daughter has just finished her fifth year, she’s a middle school special education teacher.”

Players that strapped on the pads at the highest level have taken to Snay with the first impression he made with his knowledge and wisdom of his years commanding the sidelines.

“There are no egos here,” Snay said. “You walk in the office and they say, ‘Hey coach how you doin’, what are we doing today?’ So they are eager to go and I’m going to give them 100 percent if they give me 100 percent.”