Startup Shipmate


From the modern hockey puck to the game of basketball, Massachusetts is the birthplace for some of the most transformative inventions in the history of sports. To honor our state’s illustrious history of sports industry breakthroughs, the Massachusetts Pirates are excited to work with our first group of Startup Shipmates.

The Startup Shipmates is a one-of- a-kind program that allows the next generation of game-changers in sports and entertainment technology to implement their innovative products in the DCU Center during our 2018 inaugural season in the National Arena League.

We’re a startup ourselves and that’s why we’re looking for exciting entrepreneurs to help us create an unmatched experience for fans and athletes in the professional sports landscape.

Do you have a mobile app that will provide Pirates fans with a unique, unmatched game day experience at DCU Center? Building a new wearable that can assist the Pirates in measuring and improving the performance of our players throughout the season? Think you have the perfect solution to help the Pirates with our ticket sales or sponsorship strategies? These are just a few types of startups that we would love to hear from!

It’s completely free to apply for the Startup Shipmate program. Just answer the following questions in the form below by Monday, March 19th to ensure that your startup is considered for the program.


Have a great idea for the Pirates?

Free To Apply
 Full Season Benefits
 Post Season Benefits



  • Implementation of your organization’s product/service for 8 regular season games in 2018
  • 2 Upper Level Season Tickets (8 games) in 2018 Season
  • Opportunity to have Exhibit Table at Exclusive Networking Events
  • Jumbo Tron Recognition
  • Weekly Promotion on Pirates Social Media Pages
  • 100 Word Company Description and Link to Organization’s Website
  • Complimentary Massachusetts Pirates Merchandise



Single Game Benefits

  • Opportunity to have a 15 second PA announcement of your organization as the “Startup Shipmate of the Game” during one (1) regular season Massachusetts Pirates game.
  • Date of game and announcement content to be mutually agreed upon by the Massachusetts Pirates and your organization.
  • 8x10 exhibit area to demonstrate your product or service in the DCU Center concourse during one (1) Massachusetts Pirates game of your choice during the 2018 regular season.


Post Season Benefits

  • Testimonial to advocate your product or service that will be written by a member of the Massachusetts Pirates front office after the conclusion of the 2018 season.
  • Word length and content to be mutually agreed upon by the Massachusetts Pirates and your organization.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Massachusetts Pirates Postseason Startup Showcase where your organization will present case studies from the 2018 season to a handpicked group of senior-level business leaders, investors and sports industry executives.
  • Option for the Massachusetts Pirates to pursue a long-term contract with your organization after the 2018 season.